Chicken Outfit #4 Starts Production

Poster art rough from “Necrophilia” – A Phil Cohen Picture.

Too soon? No. Not soon enough. For those of you following the Chicken Outfit saga, you’ll know we’ve just released issue 3 in the wake of my terrible sickness. (Purchase here, if you haven’t already. Stop whining it doesn’t have the Hulk in it and just buy it, already.)

Anyway, we’re rolling directly into Issue #4 and the closure of this storyline. In this mega-issue, the lads will be following the trail of a serial killer and Smoke makes his mighty return. It’ll more than likely be the biggest issue yet and time permitting, I will bound and digitally remaster some of the original books and pack it all together into a tome worthy of the Chicken Outfit name. And maybe a Kickstarter. I haven’t really decided that yet since it’s more work than it’s worth.

Anyway, stay tuned for more info as it happens. I’m back on the script which is shaping up nicely as well as gathering up some of the Cohen Pictures posters. The website for Phil’s work will hopefully be up soon.