About Chicken Outfit Comics

The Story

Rusty McDoodle and his best friend Stan Munson meet late one night to discuss Stan’s latest techno project. When Stan tells him a tale, too strange to be believed, Rusty is left with the decision to help him uncover the truth behind his Kafkaesque employers or wallow in a post-relationship funk.

These two underpaid slobs will soon uncover a series of events so bizarre it will drag them into a nightmarish struggle with bloodthirsty demons and money-mongering yes-men. With the help of Headcast the psychic and his fishing buddy Billy, join Rusty and Stan in an adventure that will unhinge the doors of perception and stomp its way into your heart with a pair of blood-clotted, steel cleats.

Can they keep their jobs and sanity intact when they can’t trust anyone and there’s an axe lurking behind every back?

The Books

Chicken Outfit can be likened to a Warner Brothers cartoon and crossed with the dark satire of a Ralph Bakshi movie. It’s an odd combination that reminds folks of all manner of dark underground comix, tv shows and films of the past. A mish-mashed culture blender and comment on the current state of technology.

It’s the story of two friends who are trying to stay sane and get paid in the new consumer reality. They’ve been ushered in by the mass adoption of the commercial internet and our story is full of mundane conflicts with terrible bosses, relationship collapse, money troubles, computer crashes, and drowning it all with pints at the end of the day. It’s about the infectious social evolution of our culture that has been transmitted and shared by all who interact with overloaded with useless and redundant information.

Our characters relive one of the fastest cultural shifts in the history of human culture, one that offered virtually endless access to information, money and effortless global communication. This new world comes a higher price than anyone could ever have been imagined. If this is what Chicken Outfit had turned out to be about, there would be more than enough to sustain its pages with stories and images of chaos and terror, but unfortunately for our heroes, their troubles are only beginning.

It is the story about two guys that work in a technological, corporatized environment when one of them inadvertently opens the doorway to another dimension and unleashes hell on earth. They must fight to save the world and eventually form an alliance with a psychic and his fishing buddy.

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