Chicken Outfit Characters

Rusty McDoodle

Rusty McDoodle
is the introverted hero and underdog of our story. After making it through a heart-rending relationship, Rusty has been left somewhat beaten and quite depressed. Regardless, he’s trying to make it on his own in freelancing. Although he is very good at his job, he’s having a bit of trouble making ends meet lately. Enter his friend Stan Munson, with an offer to work at Xber Xabre, one of the world’s largest adult online companies and home to some very strange experimental projects. Rusty, the reluctant hero, is eventually lured by piles of cash is pulled into a horrible nightmare that complicates his life more than ever. He will be pushed to the breaking point and must rise above the Chicken Outfit he finds himself  in, not only to save his sanity, but perhaps his friends lives.

Stan Munson

Stan Munson works at Xber Xabre as their head of IT and Application Development Department. He trained at MIT and is fluent in all programming theories and languages. Currently working with AI technologies in conjunction with “personal companions” he is creating the ultimate “sex-bot”. A secretive, pensive person, Stan is the “MacGyver” of his domain and always has an idea that could change the course of any given event. His disillusionment with his position at the company and his fear that he is being used for more than his talents, leads him to ask his friend Rusty McDoodle to join the team so that he may have someone he can trust on his side.


Little is known about Headcast‘s past history, except that he runs a small shop called the The Psychic Cavern, left to him through generations of ownership in his shadowy family tree. He is self-sufficient due to this history as well as the funds he receives because of a terrible accident that left him with a mangled visage. He runs The Psychic Cavern with his partner and friend Billy Pope. They spend time honing their culinary and sommelier experience as well as relaxing by fishing, one of their favorite pastimes. Billy and Headcast have experienced more than most in the realm of the supernatural, though, in Chicken Outfit, they are about to face the biggest test to their strength and knowledge yet.


Billy “William” Pope
 is the sometimes obnoxious curmudgeon and best friend of “Headcast”. He helps with the day to day operation of the Psychic Cavern and is an avid fisherman and foil for his bandaged buddy. After many adventures with Headcast, he is usually relctant to follow him into certain doom and would prefer to kick back with a “tall-boy” and watch wrestling or Bob Izumi. His part-time exterminator gig provides him with expendable funds for his individual pursuits, though for the most part, Headcast is happy to carry his lifelong chum, considering they owe each other their lives. Billy is a solitary soul, who likes to keep to himself and wishes others would do the same.

Zigmund Danzig

Zigmund Danzig
is the owner and operator of Xber Xabre and rules his company by using what he thinks is the tried and true method of “fear through intimidation”. Partnering up with some very shady investors, he is now at their mercy and must abide by the mandates they set forth. Although Zigmund does have a heart somewhere in his large frame, he rarely shows this side of himself for fear of being seen as weak or compromising. He has few allies, but uses Stan as his “go to” guy whenever he needs to push his agenda through the company. He keeps his family life far from the company goings on, so as not to endanger them, since the current project he has been tasked to manage could be the trigger to horrors beyond imagining.