Chicken Outfit Creators

Joe Deagnon

Joe Deagnon has worked in the entertainment industry since 1989. A classically trained animator from Sheridan College, he started out painting for animation houses in Toronto, Canada. He has worked in every facet of the industry (from pre-production to post-production) eventually honing his storytelling skills as an editor.
He has authored two comic series. His work has been described as a combination of Harvey Pekar meets Ralph Steadman and his first series Paranoid Tales of Neurosis has been dubbed “A Mad Magazine for the 90’s” by drive-in movie critic, Joe Bob Briggs.

 The current series, entitled “Chicken Outfit”, has been called “Fantastic! An excellent book that should be in everyone’s collection. Essential” by Ross Rivers, Indie Comix.
He has contributed to Exclaim, Weng’s Chop, Strange Kids Club and Film Threat magazines. He is currently an illustrator and cartoonist living in Canada.

Kirby Stasyna

A self-proclaimed success story in the tradition of Tom Vu, Kirby is not living the luxurious life he is seen enjoying on TV. Relying only on street smarts and empty beer bottles, much of Kirby’s time that should be spent working on Chicken Outfit projects is wasted looking for jobs, feeding birds, volunteering at museums, and playing around with vintage gizmos and obsolete electronics. A proven creative and conceptual specialist, Kirby has yet to create or conceive personal success, financial freedom, or anything of any worth or value that isn’t owned by some other company. Kirby’s artistic sense has been so toned down by ex-employers, that he can only see in 2-bit color without the use of special glasses.