Deep Inside Chicken Outfit : Part Three : Why We Do This

Chicken Outfit #4

Kirby and I made Chicken Outfit to be deliberately unsaleable. Well, not really.

It is an odd mix when you think about it. Our work has been compared to everything from Ren & Stimpy to The Tick and yet in my mind I have no affinity for either cartoon. We have crazy looking, Warner Brothers-esque characters, walking and speaking as if they’re in a Ralph Bakshi film. There are very adult situations behind this fantastical, horrific and satirical tale.

Know thyself.

I strive for intelligence in my work. I don’t like Superhero comics or films for the most part and I find a lot of underground work to be either juvenile or poorly written. You can see the dilemma in trying to get a work like Chicken Outfit to the masses. It’s satire above all else. A reflection of the doomed world we live in. Hopefully not in a topical, zeitgeisty way either. This isn’t the first time all of this has happened.

I’m not justifying or explaining myself. I’m trying to figure out and include you, dear reader, on the journey. They say the work should speak for itself. Well, clichés aside, I think the work should be pored over, analyzed and above all else have something to say.

I have mentioned briefly, here and there, that I am very ill. This has nothing to do with the comic other than trying to finish an epic work (in my mind) that I’ve been trying to get out since I picked up a pencil. Have a long look at what we’ve wrought here and hopefully, we can enrich you or at the very least, make you laugh. Thanks for reading Chicken Outfit. We really do make it for you, the weirdo, the outcast, the intelligent observer. Dig in. We’ll try to get issue #4 done asap, this time.

In the end? We do this for you, the reader.