Deep Inside Chicken Outfit : Part 5 : Cohen Pics

phil-cohen pics

“I came across these in Phil’s notebook.”

Rusty McDoodle has an early set of images from the set of Phil Cohen’s newest set of BEYOND RECOGNITION. He’s send them along to us for our approval. Rusty has many more papers, scribblings and various bits of artwork and scraps to send along, so stay tuned.

From the new Chicken Outfit comic:

Just after Christmas, I received an odd burlap package in my P.O. Box with no return address. It was an elastic-bound wad of blood-stained, aged paper to reveal a rather thick journal from past co-conspirator and filmmaker Phil Cohen. It appeared to be from the set of his last known film, “BEYOND RECOGNITION”. I hadn’t heard from the him since late 2011 when I re-interviewed him for the expanded article I wrote, undere the nom-de-plume … writing ends here.