Deep inside Chicken Outfit: Part 6 : Beyond Recognition


June 2011 Diary Entry:

If I have to deal with one more jabbering idiot today, I’m going to pull my Luger automatic out and shoot someone’s fingers off. Film is hell. Pure and simple.

“Beyond Recognition is the story of a taxidermist, who starts posing as a chicken delivery guy who becomes a serial killer. He becomes the most vicious mass murderer the world has ever seen. The descriptions of violence in the script these boys have turned out are so brutal, they’ll have people tearing their eyes out and beating the other patrons. We have a scene with a steamroller that people won’t be able to shake. The idea behind this project is to send people over the edge into madness. Something on a mass scale.With the myriad of entertainment choices these days, people are numbed. They’ve become the zombies they so enjoy dressing up as. We’re going to provide a theatre experience you won’t forget. We fully expect people to be roaming the streets in packs attacking anything that moves after sitting through a screening. BEYOND RECOGNITION will put every person who sees it in a live action horror reality show, one from which they cannot escape.” – Phil Cohen