Deep Inside Chicken Outfit : Part Two

Many people have mentioned that our hero is wearing a chicken outfit. Our usual response is, “what outfit?”. The mysterious look of our characters is probably going to have to stay mysterious until issue four where we wrap up this first volume of stories. Generally, the costume is a metaphor. Again, what that metaphor is, is for the reader to discover. No, we’re not trying to be shifty. I’ve always found that the fun in reading something is to enjoy the surface elements and then, if I really enjoyed the work I would delve deeper into it to see what the writers and artists were really trying to say. I also find that it makes reading more enriching.

It’s quite possible we’ve buried the answers of Chicken Outfit too deep to dig up though, it may make it a more visceral read by just allowing the blood to wash over you. I can’t be sure, I’m too close to the project to truly know.

Issue four will provide enough grist for the mill and, hopefully, all will fall into the place at the end of our “volume one” journey. We all want answers from life. Sometimes you’ve just got to put on your chicken outfit and keep on clucking. MOOAANNNN! 🙂