Drum Roll, Please… Issue #3 is DONE.

Okay, just the editorial to go, but hey that shouldn’t take long at all. Starting next week, most of the Kickstarter backers and comic site reviewers will be receiving the digital version after this very long wait. (Following that, the print version will begin going out to our very patient backers.) After all that, it’ll finally go on sale on Amazon, Comixology, Barnes & Noble and a few hundred other outlets online.

I don’t even want to think about how long this took. I will address a few things in the editorial so everyone is on board with the trials and tribulations of developing a creator-owned project. Other than that, I just had a giant sigh of relief. I’m really very proud of this issue. It’s the biggest and best-looking issue yet, at 50 pages, cover-to-cover.

Anyway, get ready for the further adventures of a couple of losers who find out what’s behind the curtain of the great and terrible Zigmund, then experience their biggest loss of all – their minds!