Finished “Blocking”

I used to draw wee thumbnails back in the beginning of Chicken Outfit #1. I’ve done it this way since the days of Paranoid Tales. As I progressed and involved with my work and started using computers instead of pens and pencils, I began writing scripts and blocking action very much like you would in a film or movie.

As I had training at film school with storyboarding and animation I It seem like a natural way to approach things for a comic book. Now, I’ve completed blocking for an issue four, which will undoubtedly change as I begin to do the “thumbs” or storyboards in Clip Studio Paint where I sketch out each panels’ actions to ready for inking. After that it’s off to Brian Theriault for underpainting, or “flatting”. In the meantime, Kirby and I are working out the details that will litter this issues’ bizarre conclusion.