First Issue Storyboards

Thumbnails for page one.
Storyboards for Chicken Outfit #1.

“Before setting pen to paper, or stylus to screen in this case, Kirby and I work out the overall arc of the story and what will happen to the characters. I’ll then sit down and map out each page in a thumbnail format so I have an idea of how things are going to unfold. It gives me an idea of the general flow, though things change organically as the final page is put together.”

“I think part of the reason why Chicken Outfit was created was so that we had an excuse to go to a bar and hang out, especially when work was scarce. Early on, we frequented Loky’s on Bloor Street beneath the Lithuanian hall and spent our days writing and sketching pages like this one. The booze was cheap and the regulars were friendly and interested in what we were up to. The bartender brought us round after round of Svturys beer and a silver tray full of low-priced tequila and whiskey shots. It costed about $4 for a beer and $2.60 for liquor and that was including taxes so walking in with $40 would more than set you up. When it was time to go, the bill would come with the word “comics” written on it. Lokys always had something going on and you never knew what was in store when you descended its steps. From long nights talking with war vets over brandy, to unexpected euro dance parties that would break out at a moment’s notice. It would sometimes make working impossible but Loky’s has always been good to us and a big part of the history of Chicken Outfit.”