Kickstarter FULFILLED.

Yes, after a very long time and many obstacles, the 3rd SKULL SMASHING issue of Chicken Outfit is finally sent out to all who supported us. It’s been a long road but the proof is in the blood sac. This is our largest and most accomplished issue and it’s only going to get better from here. Thanks to everyone who supported this issue. Those who wished to be mentioned are done so below. Thank you everyone, for your patience and understanding.

Joe Deagnon & Kirby Stasyna
Chicken Outfit, 2018

Backers List

Andrea Dearing
Andrew Graham
Autumn Sorenson
Brian Theriault
Colby Dykes
Derek Udzbinac
Diana Reale
Francis Cana
Gary Couto
Gord Brydon
Gus Douboulidis
Jack McDougall
James Reed
Jeremy Twogood
John MacLeod
John Schmidt
Karl Wieser
Kim Saltarski
Kirk Spencer
Kyle Valanne
Mark Andrew Stark
Mark Thibodeau
Melanie LaPointe
Paul Evans
Peter Stasyna
Robert Tam
Ryan French
Terry Davis
Tim Wascoe
Tony Strauss