New Chicken Outfit Character: Phil Cohen, Filmmaker

Phil Cohen. Man among men. The ultimate “man’s man”. He’s a cross between Russ Meyer, Picasso and Ernest Hemingway; a gun-toting, womanizing, hard-drinking, maverick filmmaker. And he’s missing.

In a Paranoid Tales of Neurosis / Chicken Outfit crossover that will act as the final issue to Chicken Outfit’s ‘Volume One’ story arc, we chronicle Phil Cohen’s disappearance and the making of his last film, “BEYOND RECOGNITION”. Here’s the original film synopsis:

It’s the story of a taxidermist, who moonlights as a fried chicken delivery guy. In actuality, he’s the most vicious mass murderer the world has ever seen. The descriptions of violence in the script these boys have turned out are so brutal, they’ll have people tearing their eyes out and beating the other patrons. We have a scene with a steamroller that people won’t be able to shake.” – Phil Cohen Interview, 2011.

Shortly after this interview Phil disappeared and no one, not even his “Facebook pen-pal” Rusty McDoodle, knows his whereabouts. Flash forward to 2018. A mysterious package arrives on Rusty’s doorstep. No postmark, no indication of what’s inside the weathered, leather-bound and slightly bloodstained parcel.

Find out what lies in that very assemblage in the newest and final issue of Chicken Outfit. Coming as soon as humanly possible…