Nocturne & Underground Comix Team-up!

Photo by Sebastien Schalut

Nocturne is a publication by Sv Bell. Sv is a media renaissance man, film-maker, painter, television station owner and comic book artist. We’re proud to say that we’ll be teaming up with him and for an up and coming issue with a commissioned piece called “Misery Loves Company” written by Andrew Clarke and illustrated by yours truly. We’re also working on a collaboration down the road with a serialized piece called “Reactor Glands” which Chicken Outfit Media and Underground Comix is entering with writer Vid Malta. You’ll hear more about that as it happens.

The publication is entirely in French, so if you want to read it, brush up on your 2nd languages kids. It’ll be distributed exclusively in Quebec, Canada, locally at a number of retail outlets you can find here. More as it happens!