Nocturne Volume 1 Number 9

Ladies and gents, the new French language comic Nocturne is out and my collaboration with writer Andrew Clarke has been translated into Français and is in the new issue. You will only be able to get this in two places – a Quebec outlet outlined on the Nocturne website and via author Sv Bell’s website.

Here’s a review by Conor Carton from the Dancing With Skeletons website for inclusion in the publication Tales From Orbit, a science fiction and fantasy anthology. This reprint is in English for those of you that want to seek it out:

Misery Loves Company, Andrew Clark (Writer), Joe Deagnon (Art) is bleak and gripping, a deeply unsettling tale of revenge. A woman who wishes to become someone else does so, the results are not what she had hoped for. A very powerful idea that is superbly realized in a compressed space.  Joe Deagnon’s art conceals and reveals the dark heart of the story, the expressive intensity of the cast capture the rage and horror of the story.”