Issue 1 : Panel 2

From the original story treatment:
“We open on a basement computer lab. It’s huge – more Brazil than Matrix. Wires everywhere, monitors on every surface. At the center of the room is a sex doll, modified and hooked up to a system, perhaps. It stands near a makeshift bed. Small cameras are mounted on the walls – at one time this part of the room was used for an online strip show. It all takes place in the building where the Cyber-Sabre crew works.”

The building in which Zigmund Danzig lords over Stan and his cronies is now spelled “Xber Xabre”. Kirby came up with it in one of our many meetings at “The (first) Intersteer”, a dank and dark bar, that had no food to speak of (just some pickled eggs behind the bar, pierogies and something called “mystery sausage”). It was the birthplace of Chicken Outfit, long before “The Blue Goose” became our second meeting place and watering hole.

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