Paranoid Tales

“Paranoid Tales will grab you by the ears while it bores a hole straight into the core of your skull, and rides you like a Kentucky Derby winner.”
– Tim Merrill, Weng’s Chop


“The artistic style perfectly conveys the heavily bizarre emotional states behind it…”
– Mike Gunderloy, World of Zines


“Simply said, Deagnon’s fully illustrated, hyper fun, sickly twisted ‘zines is one of the best uses of paper since the earlier, funnier issues of Film Threat. Like Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, Paranoid Tales is a hopelessly autobiographical account of Deagnon’s incredibly boring life, but embellished by wild bits of imagination and illustrated in the best Ralph Steadmanesque tradition.”
– David E. Williams, Film Threat


“For once, a comic that lives up to its name. Paranoid Tales spews from the morbid mind of Joe Deagnon, and luckily for us deviated perverts, he hasn’t been snatched up by the authorities yet”
– Gabriel Alvarez, Film Threat


“Paranoid Tales of Neurosis is a Mad Magazine for the nineties…”
– Joe Bob Briggs

“Deagnon promises no compromise in visuals or subject matter…”
– Hall Kelly, Exclaim