Phil Cohen Re:Search Article


Re:Search Magazine‘s critical essays on film, Beat writers, “Angry” Feminists and the punk scene inspired this article parody on Phil Cohen, a filmmaker and fringe artist from the 90’s. Below is an excerpt and the photos taken for that article. (Art Direction: Joe Deagnon : Photography: S.Joseph, Written by J. David Staines & Joe Deagnon.)


Phil Cohen is one of the least known filmmakers of the last five decades, and is still managing to break even on some fifteen films. Treading ground unheard of before many of his contemporaries, Phil Cohen has garnered little, if any, respect from his peers.

Born in Las Vegas, Phil Cohen’s earliest memories convinced him that his future lay in the realm of explotation filmmaking.

In 1968, Phil Cohen was arrested on obscenity charges for the graphic nature of his film “Foetus”. He continued to make films upon his release from prison (he spent five months behind bars, a period which, to this day, Cohen refuses to talk about), but did not enjoy the success brought by his early efforts in the film world.

He’s been out of the public eye for over ten years, but shows no sign of letting up, and recently resurfaced to provide PARANOID Tales with an exclusive interview. The following is an excerpt from that interview in which Cohen discusses his “exile” from the movie-making community, his new film “Girls! Girls! Dead!”. This interview was conducted in Phil Cohen’s fashionable Queen West Village apartment, which he recently purchased here in Toronto, Canada, calling it his “winter home”. The interview was conducted by J. David Staines.

Read the full article here – re-printed in Paranoid Tales of Neurosis : The Comix Anthology.