Update: Off To The Printer

stan-surpriseOkay, well, the proof has been approved. I’ve gone through the issue and corrected a few pages and panels due to their darkness. (No, not in a thematic sense.) When you work digitally on these things, since I’m not big on hundreds of calculations, one needs to be aware of, and compensate for, brightness, contrast, and levels. When you’re trying to evoke a mood, emotions take over on some level and you forget that the sharp colours you used originally may be desaturated or muted with ink and paper.

I’ll say this though. For someone self-publishing, I highly recommend CreateSpace. Other than the brightness values, submitting RGB files translates accurately. Anyway, it’s off to the printer for the final approval on their end, then I’ll order one last proof.

It’s a nit-pickity process, this printing thing. I appreciate it much more than web publishing because you are forced to pay attention to your work, you can’t just throw something up, freak out when there’s a spelling mistake and change it quickly via your iPhone. Crafting a work in physical reality, for me anyway, contains more true care and skill I find. You know you’re birthing something that will exist in “reality”, not a web page that might disappear tomorrow because someone typed a “1” instead of a “0”. If I sound like a Luddite, it’s really not the case. I really enjoy working with computers. (Well, within reason. I mean there have been days I’ve wanted to grab this iMac, throw it on the floor of my home office and stomp the fucker until it’s nothing more than dust.)

Regardless, I’ve made it through with some ingenuity and elbow grease and soon we’ll release this issue to the public. Keep watching yer mailbox and thanks for your support.